Florida Bus Accident and Injury Cases

Florida Bus Accident and Injury Cases

bus accident2Unquestionably, America is a nation on the move. Public transportation shuttles commuters to and fro as a low cost, and sometimes FREE, service to the community. Although infrequent, accidents and collisions involving metro and school buses is a reality that has to be dealt with. School buses are a particularly tragic source of bus injuries and deaths and thankfully, are quite low. But school bus injuries do not exclusively occur on the bus itself. Eighty percent of the children killed in school bus accidents were either boarding or leaving the bus at the time of the accident.

Injuries that can result from bus related accidents are depressingly familiar: brain and spinal cord injuries; sprains; fractures; abrasions; internal and soft tissue injuries; burn injuries; and just about every other injury associated with the operation of other motorized vehicles. Whether you were involved in an accident on a school bus, city bus, Greyhound, bus line charter, or privately owned and operated bus you may have a limited amount of time to file a notice of claim with the appropriate city agency. Timeframes vary by city, but in some cases, the appropriate paperwork must be filed within the first 45-90 days or you can actually lose your right to sue. Be sure to take note of Bus Route # and important details for your claim.

Types & Causes of Bus Accidents & Injuries

These are just a partial list of the more common types of bus accidents and injuries:

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