Escalator and Elevator Accident Cases

Escalator and Elevator Accident Cases

escalatorElevator accidents are more common than most people realize. Each year, thousands of people in Florida and the US report injuries sustained as a result of an escalator or elevator accident. Old, poorly maintained escalators and elevators are a common cause. Liability in escalator accidents depends on many factors, and victims have a right to hold the appropriate parties legally responsible.

Escalator & Elevator Accident Causes

The main cause of escalator and elevator malfunctions is poor maintenance. Many public and private buildings, schools and shopping areas fail to keep up-to-date accurate maintenance records on their equipment. Neglected maintenance of elevators and escalators can result in door malfunctions, abrupt stopping, mis-leveling, dangerous gaps, and falls any of which can cause personal injuries such as back, head and joint injuries. In severe cases, someone may even become paralyzed or die.

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