Motorcycle Accident Cases

Motorcycle Accident Cases

motorcycle crash 1South Florida can be a challenging place to drive and unfortunately motorcycle accidents happen every day. If you have been in a motor cycle accident and feel you have a case you can complete our Case Information Form below or if you are in Broward county or Fort Lauderdale you can reach us at (954) 947-5843. If you are in Miami, Palm Beach or Elsewhere in Florida you can call us toll free at 954-424-1440. All information is confidential. If you have not been in an accident or simply would like general information about car accidents continue reading:

Hidden Injuries: What people do not always realize about being injured in a motorcycle accident is that you may not realize you are actually hurt and you may not feel some of the symptoms from the accident for some number of days, weeks and even months after the auto accident.

For example, if you were thrown from the bike, a typical injury could be a whiplash injury which is when your neck and spinal cord are violently shaken. You might even feel a little dizzy at the scene but it can get much worse. Hard impacts with the ground or other vehicles can actually shift your internal organs bumping them into each other and cause bleeding, even partial failure, and you may not feel a thing at the time it happens. This is not meant to scare you but rather it’s something people just aren’t aware of. It’s better to be safe than sorry and if you are in a any significant motorcycle accident it’s always a good idea to get checked out medically.

Document, Document, Document: From a legal standpoint, we recommend you write down your account of the accident, and keep a journal from the day of the incident onward of any abnormal feeling about your body. Take photos of any bruises, bleeding, road rash and have witnesses and physicians take detailed account. The more detail you have the easier it is for an attorney to assess your case. Remember, the purpose of insurance is to cover your damage and are of course in the business of making money and sometimes do not have your best long term health interest in mind.

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