Experienced South Florida Personal Injury Attorneys Share 5 Tips for Pedestrian Safety

Any longtime resident of Florida understands the unpredictable nature of Florida drivers, as evidenced by the fact that Florida drivers have a higher risk of accidents than their counterparts in other states. Even so, many people tend to overlook the dangers of being a Florida pedestrian.

Sadly, pedestrian accidents occur more commonly than you might think. In 2019 alone, more than 6,200 pedestrian fatalities occurred throughout the United States, the shocking equivalent of one pedestrian death every 85 minutes. Every day, pedestrian accident lawyers observe the suffering of victims and their families. We want to share some tips to help reduce these numbers.

Of course, we cannot prevent pedestrian accidents entirely. However, we can take multiple measures to avoid these accidents and maintain safety while walking in South Florida. Don’t forget to share the following five tips with your children, to keep them safe and healthy, too.

1. Walk on Sidewalks Whenever Available

For pedestrians, the sidewalk is the safest place to walk. Still, remain alert and aware of traffic while walking on the sidewalk because motor vehicle crashes can result in sidewalk obstructions, telephone pole damage, or other hazards that could obstruct your path.

If you must walk in the road, face traffic on the outermost edge of the lane, as far away from vehicles as you can get. That said, to avoid a collision with a car, opt to walk in the grass or dirt next to the road, particularly if it’s a busy South Florida street.

2. Maintain Situational Awareness

South Florida and its bustling cities feature heavily-trafficked areas—and drivers with a need for speed. For these reasons, maintaining situational awareness of your surroundings as you walk is vital for avoiding pedestrian accidents. It’s also a good idea to know the speed limits on the road to best gauge the speed at which cars might approach you.

Stay alert to what’s happening around you! Do not allow distractions like your smartphone, headphones (especially noise-canceling headphones), or other electronic devices to cause you to make a dangerous mistake while walking.

3. Wear Visible Clothes

As a pedestrian, it’s your responsibility to ensure that drivers see you and stop for you whenever necessary. By wearing obvious clothing, you can stand out and make it easier for drivers to see you while you’re waiting to cross an intersection or walking along the road’s shoulder.

During the day, bright, neon colors will make you more noticeable to drivers. However, at night, you should wear reflective clothing and use a flashlight to make yourself visible.

4. Maintain Eye Contact with Drivers When Crossing

Never assume a driver sees you, even if you are in a visible location and wearing bright clothing. With endless stimuli to distract them, it’s easy for drivers to overlook a pedestrian on a busy Fort Lauderdale street.

Before you cross in front of a car, make eye contact with the driver and wave to acknowledge your presence and confirm that they have seen you. If a driver does not make eye contact in return, they may not know you plan to cross the street—putting you at an increased risk of a pedestrian accident.

5. Carry Your Wallet and Phone with You

One of the most vital pedestrian safety tips we can offer is to prepare yourself if an accident transpires. Carrying your phone with you when you walk ensures you can call for help if you need it in the aftermath of an accident. And taking your wallet— along with your ID—will help first responders identify you if necessary.

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