Cohen and Juda, P.A. Settles Slip and Fall Lawsuit for $825,000

PLANTATION, Florida—Cohen and Juda, P.A., a personal injury law firm, announces the procurement of an $825,000 settlement for a slip and fall lawsuit. The firm brought the case on behalf of the plaintiff, a young wife and mother who slipped on a grape, fell, and struck her head on the floor inside the grocery area of a local store. Injuries to her neck required neck therapy, pain management injections, and neck surgery.

In the suit, the plaintiff alleged that the store knew that the grapes routinely fell to the floor as customers opened inadequately packaged grapes. She further alleged that, despite the foreseeable hazard, the store did nothing to package the grapes more securely, discourage customers from opening the packaging, or staffing the area adequately to keep it clean and safe.

“This case highlights the importance of always being aware of your surroundings,” says Harvey M. Cohen, Trial Attorney and Partner in Cohen and Juda, P.A. “When customers shop, they have a reasonable expectation that the store will maintain a safe environment. Unfortunately, this case illustrates that not all businesses uphold their obligation to public safety.”

After months of negotiation with the insurance company, the firm secured an $825,000 settlement for their client – far surpassing any expectations she might have had before filing suit.

“We are extremely pleased with this outcome,” says Gary H. Juda, Trial Attorney and Partner at Cohen and Juda, P.A. “Our client sustained devastating injuries due to another person’s negligence – something the store could have been prevented with proper safety precautions. We never back down from insurance companies or other parties liable for injuries. Thankfully, in this case, our client received just compensation for her pain and suffering and the overall impact this incident had on her life. At Cohen and Juda, P.A., we represent our clients personally to ensure the best possible outcome and appreciate their trust in us.”

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