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If you have been in a Boating accident and feel you have a Boat Injury case, complete our Case Information Form on this page or reach us at (954) 424-1440.

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Boating / Yacht Accident Cases Hidden Injuries:

  • You may not realize you are actually hurt or feel symptoms from the boating accident for days, weeks and even months.
  • Hard impacts with the water can actually shift your internal organs bumping them into each other and cause bleeding and even partial failure.
  • Falls into the water and being stricken by the boat or propeller can cause deep cuts or worse
  • It’s better to be safe than sorry and if you are in a boat accident it’s always a good idea to get checked out medically.

If you have been in a Boating accident and feel you have a Boat Injury case, complete our Case Information Form on this page or reach us at (954) 424-1440.

Boating Accident Cases South Florida

From a legal standpoint, we can advise you of the steps necessary to file, pursue, and litigate a boat or yacht accident Case. While you focus on recovery, Cohen / Juda can handle all legal matters related to your case, including determining the amount or type of compensation you may be entitled and the party, or parties, which may be liable for your yachting injuries.

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    5-star-rating Cohen and Juda has been handling my grand son’s personal injury case who unfortunately was in a vehicle accident (he was a pedestrian who was hit). A friend recommended these attorneys who have been nothing short of fantastic. They have kept my Son in the loop every step of the way, have been realistic in the assessment of the case and are moving quickly toward a resolution. While I wish we didn’t need their services to begin with, my grandson has incurred injuries which generated significant medical bills which need to be paid. Bottom line is they are doing a great job and we’re optimistic about the outcome of the case. They really know their stuff and care a lot about their clients.