Summer Road Trip Safety Tips – Avoid Car Accidents in Florida This Summer

Summer Road Trips

Florida roads always seem to be crowded because we are the “Sunshine State” so our tourist season never stops. However, because most schools throughout the country are out for the summer, many families will choose now to travel to Florida for a family vacation. Millions of families will set out on a road trip across Florida this summer.

Because of the increase in traffic, our Plantation car accident attorneys thought it was a good time to review some basic summer road trip safety tips. We hope these tips help to reduce the risk that you might be involved in a Florida traffic accident during one of our peak tourist seasons.

Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

If you are heading out on a Florida road trip or you are a resident in Florida simply trying to survive the summer traffic, remember these travel safety tips:

  • Always be ready for a roadside emergency. Make sure that you have water, flares, jumper cables, a first-aid kit, flashlight, and other emergency road supplies in your vehicle each time you leave home.
  • Everyone in the vehicle should wear a seatbelt. Children should be secured in child safety seats that are appropriate for their age, weight, and height.
  • Protect against sunburns. Even when you are riding in a vehicle, the sun coming through the window can cause sunburns. Use sunscreen before leaving on a long road trip. Also, cover seats with a blanket when you exit the vehicle to prevent heat burns from contact with hot seats when you return to the vehicle.
  • Avoid all distractions while driving. Allow a passenger to be the navigator, cell phone operator, and caretaker for children and pets.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before a long road trip and share driving responsibilities with another adult. Break up long road trips with regular stops and breaks.
  • Schedule a tune-up and maintenance appointment for your vehicle. Make sure that a qualified mechanic checks the tires, brake system, battery, fluids, and belts. You should also check for vehicle recalls and safety issues. Make any necessary repairs immediately.
  • Always check your vehicle when exiting to ensure that all passengers and pets have exited the vehicle. Keep your vehicle locked after checking to ensure everyone has exited to prevent a child from entering the vehicle and accidentally becoming trapped.
  • Ask your dealer about a valet key that can unlock your vehicle if you accidentally lock your keys in your vehicle while out of town.
  • Sun glare can be a dangerous distraction. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses to reduce glare.
  • Change back into regular shoes after being at the beach or outdoors. Flip flops are great to wear to the beach and other locations, but they can easily become lodged under the pedals thereby causing a crash.

You can find much more information about summer road trips and safe driving tips on the NHTSA and AAA websites.

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