An Experienced South Florida Fire and Burn Accident Case Lawyer Explains the Types and Causes of Fire and Burn Injuries

Fires and burns are some of the most common injury causes in South Florida. Burns can involve severe pain, mental and physical trauma, and overwhelming medical expenses. A fire and burn accident case lawyer with Cohen and Juda, P.A. explains why fires and burns happen and how a personal injuries lawyer can protect your rights after a fire or burn accident.

Types of Burns

You may be familiar with the traditional classification of first- to fourth-degree burns. Currently, medical professionals use an updated classification:

  • Superficial: Superficial burns occur in the skin’s epidermal layer. Although these burns may be red and painful, they typically heal on their own within a few days. Sunburns commonly fall under this category.
  • Partial-thickness: This type of burn involves the epidermis and parts of the dermis. Partial-thickness burns divide into superficial partial thickness burns, which may cause pain, inflammation, and blistering, and the more serious deep partial-thickness burns, which extend deeper into the dermis, take weeks to heal and cause hypertrophic scarring.
  • Full-thickness: Full-thickness burns destroy all dermis layers and may injure subcutaneous tissue. These burns cause severe pain and scarring and typically require surgical intervention.
  • Deep-tissue: Deep-tissue burns, commonly known as fourth-degree burns, are extremely severe and often life-threatening. These burns extend into soft tissues and frequently involve muscle and bone.

What Causes Burns in South Florida?

Burns can occur under many circumstances, including fires, explosions, chemical exposure, and faulty or improperly handled electrical objects. Following chemical and fire safety rules can prevent many burn accidents.

Thermal Burns

Thermal burns are the most common type of burns. Thermal burn injuries often occur at home, such as in a house fire. In these cases, the persons involved in the accident may face extensive property damage on top of a lengthy and painful recovery.

If you sustained injuries in a house fire, you might need to file multiple insurance claims, e.g., accident insurance and homeowners insurance. Maybe your insurance provider already denied your claim or offered a low settlement. Cohen and Juda can help you handle insurance disputes.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns usually happen due to exposure to strong acids or alkali solutions. Burn severity depends on the specific chemical and the extent and duration of exposure. Chemicals are a common workplace hazard in industries like agriculture and manufacturing.

You are entitled to workers’ compensation if you sustained a chemical burn on the job. If you believe your chemical burn occurred due to a negligent party’s fault, you may also consider filing a civil lawsuit. Cohen and Juda handle both workers’ comp and negligence claims.

Electrical Burns

Electrical burns occur upon contact with electrical currents, e.g., exposed wiring or a faulty electrical appliance. Electrical burns are extremely dangerous since they can cause arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, and tissue damage.

Sometimes electrical burns happen because of a defective product. Cohen and Juda can evaluate your case and determine whether you have grounds for a product liability claim.

We also handle wrongful death cases on behalf of bereaved families who lost their loved ones in fire and burn accidents.

Choosing the Right Burn Accident Lawyer

Working with a skilled fire accident lawyer can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your fire or burn case. Burn victims in South Florida choose a fire and burn accident case lawyer with Cohen and Juda, P.A., because we have:

  • Experience. Mr. Cohen and Mr. Juda have been practicing in Broward County for 30 years. The Cohen and Juda law firm opened in 1999 and has successfully represented many fire and burn cases.
  • Personal approach. As a boutique law firm, we give our full attention to each case. Mr. Cohen or Mr. Juda will represent you personally.
  • Insurance know-how. Mr. Juda had formerly represented insurance companies and knows how to deal with insurance providers who attempt to refute or minimize your claim.
  • Aggressive representation. Whether you settle out of court or pursue a lawsuit, our burn injury attorneys will leave no stone unturned to pursue the maximum possible compensation.
  • No upfront costs. You only pay us when we reach a settlement or win your case.

Depending on your case, your personal injury lawyer can negotiate with your insurance company, guide you through the workers’ comp process, and determine whether you have a basis for a civil lawsuit.

Cohen and Juda, P.A.: We Will Represent You Personally

If you suffered burns, you might face a long and painful recovery, loss of earning capacity, and devastating healthcare costs. Harvey Cohen and Gary Juda will represent you personally and protect your rights during this difficult time. For a free consultation with a fire and burn accident case lawyer from Cohen and Juda, P.A. in Plantation, Florida, call (954) 424-1440 or fill out our online form.

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